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Ambassadors in a foreign land

by Bob Johnson


Oksana Markova is the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Ambassadors and diplomats who represent their home nations in official functions, as well as, hob-knobbing at dinners, parties, and social events. Hence the difficulty of her role.


Who wants to hear about war, death, destruction, crimes and casualty statistics at cocktail parties and banquets? At the same time, how can she be sociable and winsome (as ambassadors are expected to be) while her home is at war, and people she loves are dying? For people far removed from the conflict, they can easily forget that it is even going on.

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"New Directions in Women's Ministry"

On this episode of Punching Holes in the Darkness, host Tim Patterson talks with Tricia Werry. Tricia is a Michigan pastor’s wife who shares about some new outreaches to pastor’s wives and other women in BSCM churches.



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