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Helping Michigan Baptists reach the Great Lakes region by Starting, Strengthening, and Sending churches.

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By starting new churches and inviting like-minded churches to join us, we want to nearly double over the next five years, 500 churches by 2025. 


Won't you join us in praying to "Punch Holes in the Darkness" in our state?

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A church, a freeway, and a stained glass window


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – In the early 1900s a church planting movement went across the small, but growing city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eventually a church was started, and a facility built in the densely packed working-class neighborhood on the northwest side of the city called Fair Haven. In a central place in the auditorium, they placed a beautiful stained-glass window with a Bible at its center to visualize their commitment to bring Jesus to the neighborhood and city.

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"Be the Church!"

In this episode of Punching Holes in the Darkness, Host Tim Patterson sits down with Pastor Joel Wayne of Chapel Pointe in Hudsonville. They discuss the need to strengthen existing churches, and the Chapel Pointe’s partnership with the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) called “Be the Church.”

The Holy Land Tour

Join the Pattersons and Steeles for a trip of a lifetime. Walk in the footsteps of the Bible. Experience Israel's treasures and rich history. Discover the places where Jesus taught and healed. For more information, please contact Pastor Tim Steele (586-337-4653 or tim@crosswaveschurch.com) or Pastor Tim Patterson (904-408-9521 or tim@bscm.org).

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