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Helping Michigan Baptists reach the Great Lakes region by Starting, Strengthening, and Sending churches.

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By starting new churches and inviting like-minded churches to join us, we want to nearly double over the next five years, 500 churches by 2025. 


Won't you join us in praying to "Punch Holes in the Darkness" in our state?

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One-Day Total Church Equipping Conference going LIVE Thursday, August 12, 2021!


The present state of the SBC


NASHVILLE, TN (BP) – Before we come together for our 2021 SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville, I want to share a few thoughts on the present state of the Convention.

This is not an easy task and time.

Serving our churches across the nation and world daily, I do all I can to lead us as a Convention with consistent biblical leadership focused on advancing the Gospel and fulfilling our Great Commission work together.

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"When God's People Dwell Together"

In this edition of “Punching Holes in the Darkness, Host and Pastor Tim Patterson sits down with Willy McLaren the Vice President of Great Commission Relations and Mobilization at the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. They discuss this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, the joy of getting back together in person, and some of the issues pastors and messengers are grappling with.

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The Holy Land Tour

Join the Pattersons and Steeles for a trip of a lifetime. Walk in the footsteps of the Bible. Experience Israel's treasures and rich history. Discover the places where Jesus taught and healed. For more information, please contact Pastor Tim Steele (586-337-4653 or tim@crosswaveschurch.com) or Pastor Tim Patterson (904-408-9521 or tim@bscm.org).




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