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Response to CBN

An official statement from Pastor Tim Patterson in response to the Conservative Baptist Network.

During the late afternoon of Wednesday, June 17 I received a phone call from a friend that lasted less than two-minutes inviting me to join a group dedicated to the inerrancy of Scripture and world evangelism. The name of the Conservative Baptist Network was never mentioned during that brief call. Trusting my friend I responded affirmatively.

Upon learning on Thursday, June 18 that I was named in a press release from the Conservative Baptist Network as a member of the Steering Council less than one-hour from my previously mentioned Wednesday phone call, I contacted the leadership of the Conservative Baptist Network asking that my name be immediately removed from the Steering Council.

Let me be clear. I have never been a member nor part of the leadership of the Conservative Baptist Network during its inception nor during its announcement in February 2020 nor since its appearance on social media and in public view.

I am blessed to be part of the Southern Baptist Convention serving the members of the churches of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. I am equally blessed to be working in cooperation with every entity and agency of the Southern Baptist Convention and each of their duly elected leaders.

There are many men and women that are part of this network that I highly respect and I wish them well. This is just something I choose not to be part of.

Patterson, Tim - Signature.gif

Rev. Timothy C. Patterson

Executive Director

Baptist State Convention of Michigan

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