Mission Offerings

January 1st - December 31st - 2021 Michigan Baptists Giving


Frances Brown State Mission Offering (State Missions):  $90,339.96


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (North American Missions):  $154,406.64


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (International Missions):  $190,370.01


Your prayers and gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® provide support for more than 5,000 missionaries. These men and women are planting new churches in unreached communities and meeting needs through compassion ministries. Every day, lives are being impacted and transformed.


The Frances Brown State Mission Offering is a annual offering taken by Michigan Baptist Churches to fund special missions projects for starting, strengthening, and sending churches within the state of Michigan.


Because you and your church give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, IMB missionaries can take the gospel to unreached peoples around the world. Every dollar you give makes a difference, because 100% of the money collected goes to the work of reaching every nation.

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