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The Baptist State Convention of Michigan is a fellowship of approximately 300 churches. We are helping churches take their next step to accelerate Gospel movement. We are supported by churches' contributions through the Cooperative Program and the Frances Brown State Missions Offering.

About BSCM

Partners in accelerating Gospel movement!

Our Mission


What We Do


Helping churches take their next step to accelerate Gospel movement.

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How We Do It

  • Let's CONNECT - The foundation of any great network is strong relationships.

  • Let's CLARIFY - God is inviting every church to take a step with Him. We have a great team of ministry practitioners who would love to hear or help you discern and clarify your church's next step.


  • Let's COLLABORATE - The BSCM team and network of churches are eager to encourage, coach, collaborate and resource you as you take your faith filled next step.

  • Let's CELEBRATEWe love to share and let others learn from your next step story. Together we're stronger.

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Why We Do It

Forging Kingdom Bridges - because unifying God's diverse people is worth the work.


Strengthen Leaders - because they shape the culture and set the pace.


Normalize Sentness - because the urgency of the Gospel mission demands it.


Pursue Focus - because it clarifies our actions.



Baptist Faith and Message 2000


Affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention-

BSCM Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution & Bylaws
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