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Frances Brown State Mission Offering
and Week of Prayer for State Missions
September 8-15, 2024



In order to promote mission trips in BSCM churches, the 2024 State Mission Offering funds would be given as scholarship grants to those in our BSCM cooperating churches who go on a mission trip with the IMB or NAMB Send Relief (both US and International), and for our Michigan churches that take a local mission trip to help another church in Michigan. Contact the State Office for the grant application:


  • MI churches to help MI churches - $1,000 grant for the church to help with expenses 

  • International trip with IMB or Send Relief - $1,500 by church, or $500 per person

  • Send Relief mission trips in the US - $500

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Pastor and Church Revitalization Fund Request Form

We understand that churches go through different stages during their lifespan. At times, for a number of reasons, churches and pastors experience difficulties and downturns beyond their control. These are not times to give up and give in but to pull together and seek to revitalize pastors and churches in order that we may continue to have a bright and shining light for the Gospel in that community.

These funds are provided for that purpose by the generous gifts of the churches of the BSCM through the Annual State Missions Offering.


Please click the button below and fill out the request form to let us know about the need.

The Baptist State Convention of Michigan has set up a direct giving portal to the Frances Brown State Missions Offering in order to make it even more convenient for churches.

The Frances Brown State Mission Offering is an annual offering taken by Michigan Baptist Churches to fund special missions projects for starting, strengthening, and sending churches within the state of Michigan. 
The 2021 offering will be used for helping Michigan Pastors and Churches that need help getting back on their feet after the pandemic shutdown.

Who was Frances Brown?


Born in Carbondale, Illinois, and the oldest of thirteen children, Frances Brown came to Michigan in November of 1958 as the Executive Secretary of Michigan Woman's Missionary Union.

Frances Brown used her influence as a leader to lead Michigan Baptist women to minister to the many number of persons in the state who did not know Christ as their Lord. She was missions!


Her countenance was an icon that called the women into action! The mention of her name is an inspiration for all to be all that God intends for us to be.


She was and is "Miss Frances Brown". The woman whose motto has echoed in the ears of thousands of men, women, and children: "If I can help you, just let me know.” These words were not just simple words to Frances Brown, they came from her heart as she visited in associations and churches while serving Michigan Baptists.

Frances Brown gave encouragement and challenged Michigan Baptists to reach out and touch the lives of people in the state, as well as around the world. She was born in Illinois, but Michigan was her mission field!


She gave twenty years of superior leadership and furthered the cause of missions in Michigan. Upon her retirement in April of 1978, the Baptist State Convention of Michigan honored her by naming the state missions offering the Frances Brown State Mission Offering.


Frances Brown died in 1979, but her challenge to Michigan Baptists to be willing to give of their time, money, and selves to the cause of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the vast mission field called Michigan lives today.

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