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Pastor Search

The time without a pastor can be a challenge for any church. Members experience a wide range of emotions as they deal with the loss of their pastor. Some saw it coming. Some were caught completely by surprise. Many are asking, “What do we do now?” The Baptist State Convention of Michigan wants to help your church during this time.

The Baptist State Convention encourages your church to consider using a Transitional Pastor after your pastor has left and as preparations are being made for a new Pastor to come. Several men have gone through training to help a church through this time. 

Click on the Transitional Pastor image to read or print the steps that a church will go through during this process. 

Contact Tim Patterson, for

more details.

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Lifeway resource: Pastor Search Committee Handbook (Revised) Click here!

Pastor Search Team training is available. A range of topics are discussed including:


  • Selecting the Pastor Search Team

  • Surveying the congregation

  • Conducting interviews

  • References and background checks

  • Presenting the prospective pastor to the congregation

  • Getting off to a great start together

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