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For more than 125 years, WMU has devoted itself to making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. We are dedicated to working with churches and believers to accomplish the mission of God.


WMU provides relevant resources for people of all ages. These resources will help you learn about, pray for, give to, and support missions. We invite you to discover an active authentic faith through our biblically sound learning experiences and meaningful missions opportunities.


The WMU Emphasis is an overarching theme for WMU’s various avenues of missions discipleship. Each two-year emphasis is a scriptural spiritual concept that provides a framework for WMU’s coordinated study and support of missions among all age levels. This cohesive structure of study allows a church to journey together in spiritual growth and fulfilling the mission of God. During the 2022–24 church years, WMU and WMU leaders are rallying around our hope in Christ, seeking Him to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

WMU Emphasis for 2022-2024

As we make disciples of Jesus who live on mission, we will be relentless in:

  • living authentic faith in Christ

  • seeking God in prayer

  • giving sacrificially

  • witnessing to others


President: Odelle Cadwell

Recording Secretary: 

Vice Presidents:

  • Helen Henley (Bay Area)

  • Celise Tillery (Greater Detroit)

  • Elaine Hill (Motor Cities)

  • Denise Smiley (Northwest)

  • Angela Kucharczyk (Pines)

  • Lisa Weimer (Southwestern)



Women on Mission: Nelda Popkey

Generation Next: Karen Villalpando

Youth on Mission: 

Children on Mission (GA/RA/CiA): Becky Swain

Girl's Camp: Christina Andersen

Multicultural: Kelly Yang

CWJC / Job Corp: Odelle Cadwell

Sisters Who Care: Carolyn Minott

Missions Offerings: Beth Hill


Odelle Cadwell_edited_edited.jpg

Odelle Cadwell

Michigan WMU President

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