The Baptist State Convention of Michigan helps churches go to the next level. Regardless of whether a church has declined, plateaued or is struggling with the next stage of growth, we want to provide the resources and guidance churches need to be healthy and thriving.


Conferences and resources to help equip leaders and volunteers for ministry.


Find the encouragement you need to continue serving your congregation.


Churches can experience renewed health and vitality in their ministry.

Equip Leaders and Volunteers

Why hand-tied hair extensions?

With hand-tied hair extensions, there is no heat, glue, or tape. This means no sticky adhesive when applying or removing. There are no polymer bonds, so that means no heat is needed when applying and no harsh removers are placed on the hair when it is time for removal. This is the least damaging method of application due to the minimal points of contact to the hair. Each row only contains 5-25 points of contact compared to hundreds with other methods of application. Since all wefts are custom colored, these extensions are seamless and blend perfectly with the clients natural hair. This means no strategically trying to hide your extensions.

Who can wear hand-tied hair extensions?

Because LUNA + IBE + NBR extensions are completely customizable, hand-tied hair extensions can be worn by almost anyone. Clients natural hair should reach the top of their shoulders. Clients layers should be no shorter than the clients cheekbones. Although LUNA + IBE + NBR are recommeded for clients with fine hair, the clients natural hair should be dense enough to support and cover the rows.

What is the longevity of this method?

Hand-tied hair extensions can be worn for 6-9 weeks after installation. After this time period, the extensions must be taken out and reinstalled. With proper care and product usage, hair extension hair can be worn for 4-8+ months. I recommend replacing individual wefts throughout your wear to lengthen your investment.

Are hand-tied extensions good for an active lifestyle?

YES. LUNA + IBE + NBR extensions are seamless so they can be worn in many different styles that are cohesive with an active lifestyle. Braids, top knots, and ponytails are all possible.

Are hand-tied extensions only for adding length?

NO. Thickening services are available as well. This service is great for adding extra fullness to naturally fine hair. This service is also great for filling in short + sparse sides.

How long will the appointment be?

Your first appointment will take anywhere from 2-5 hours. Maintenance appointments vary and can take anywhere from 1-5 hours.

How many rows will I need?

1 row - for fullness - one row is very low maintenance. It's purpose is not to add length, but to add volume + fullness, as well as, fill in sparse areas. 2 rows - the most popular option - adds fullness and length. 2.5 or 3 rows- for thick hair or blunt layers - The mini or third row are only installed if the extensions aren't able to blend with your natural hair with only two rows. In this case, we add a mini to blend in shorter layers. We add a third full row if your hair is thick and/or coarse and requires more hair to blend your natural density.

Are hand-tied extensions damaging?

Honestly, almost everything that we do in the salon can be damaging to hair. The key is the stylist. It is crucial to find a stylist that is certified in their method of application and that takes pride in continuing their education. Find a stylist that strives for perfect every single time. Your stylist is the difference between a great service and a horrible service. LUNA + IBE + NBR requires no heat, glue, tape, or any adhesive allowing for as minimial damage to your natural hair as possible.

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Pastor and Family Encouragement

Date Nights

Connecting with pastors and wives for encouragement and enrichment.


An overnight marriage retreat for ministry couples

Care 4 Pastors

Southern Baptist pastors struggling through personal or professional crises have a confidential place to turn, thanks to a partnership between the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and Focus on the Family. For help call: 844-727-8671


Revitalize Churches

  • 80% of churches are plateaued or declining.

  • 10% of churches are on a trajectory toward death.

  • 900 - 1,000 churches die every year in the Southern Baptist Convention.


The numbers are alarming, but there is hope. Churches can experience renewed health and vitality in their ministry.

Contact Mike Durbin at for revitalization resources:

  • 40 Days of Prayer: Devotional Guide for Church Revitalization

  • Church and Community Assessment Resources

  • Revitalization Pathways