Church Affiliation Application

Baptist State Convention of Michigan


Section 1. Messengers

The Convention in session shall be composed of messengers who are members in good standing of cooperating Southern Baptist churches, as defined in these Bylaws, and selected by those individual churches.

Section 2. Cooperating Churches

A church shall be considered a cooperating church when it:

  1. supports the vision, mission, and doctrinal statement of the Convention,
  2. has completed a credentialing process:
    a. Preferably, through a local association, or
    b. through the Credentials Committee if no associational process is completed,
  3. has submitted an Annual Church Profile within the preceding eighteen (18) months, and
  4. has contributed financially through the Convention to the Cooperative Program within the preceding eighteen (18) months.

Section 3. Credentialing

The credentialing process through the Convention shall be as follows:

  1. Churches shall be encouraged to go through the credentialing (or affiliation process) of their local association. That process shall be accepted by the Convention once a “Letter Recommending Affiliation” has been received from the association.
  2. If a church chooses not to affiliate through an association, a Credentials Committee appointed by the President shall work with the leadership of the church through an application process that shall include, at minimum:
    a. submitting a membership application,
    b. a current church constitution and bylaws,
    c. articles of faith, and
    d. at least one interview with church leadership.
  3. The applying church must agree to be a cooperating church as defined in these Bylaws, if accepted after the credentialing process.
  4. A minimum six (6) month watch care period, overseen by the Credentials Committee, shall be required of all new affiliating churches, not affiliated through a local association.
  5. If approved by the Credentials Committee, the church shall be presented as a potential cooperating church to the Executive Committee first, and, upon its approval, to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

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